Custom Software Solutions

Is your solution .NET, PHP, a CRM, Java, Flash, or some hybrid? Do you need Graphics designed? Are you selling a product?

We have you covered! We are skilled in many modern and legacy operating systems and platforms. We can deliver solutions from simple web sites to complex projects. We have the tools and the knowledge to make complex challenges simple.

Have you ever said, "Someone needs to create a better way to do this," or "There has to be an easier way!" We said that, too, and that is just what we did. We created a better way.

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Custom Internet Solutions for Your Business

Are you ready to compete in today's ever-changing market? Ascendants focuses on helping clients build relationships with their clients by integrating their operations on the Internet. We do this through the development of eBusiness solutions that fulfill the client's needs within shortened timelines and fewer resources. We have experience in a variety of electronic commerce solutions, from personalized selling to large-scale transaction processing solutions.

Ascendants TrueMatch Solutions

The following partial list represents client examples utilizing the Ascendants TrueMatch System. Learn more about the Ascendants True Match System.

Emergency Mechanical Services
With the Ascendants TrueMatch System, clients will attract the exact customers they desire in highly competitive markets such as HVAC repair and invoke contact with absolute minimum loss by making it easy for their customers to get exactly what they were searching. Typical Return on Investment from the Ascendants TrueMatch System greatly surpasses traditional methods available today.
Retail Boutique and Specialty Stores
Generating online sales and foot traffic is a challenge for retail shops when competing with larger retail operations. By effectively positioning the client's unique products and services, the Ascendants TrueMatch System provides a low-cost platform to maximize revenue for specialty products.
Professional Services
The phone book has typically been the place people looked when trying to find service professionals such as a plumber, landscaper, painter, mechanic, or any repairman. Those days are rapidly going away and only the savvy professionals are found easily in Internet searches. The Ascendants TrueMatch system levels the competition and positions services exactly where potential customers are searching.
Legal Professions
Finding the right attorney is difficult when doing Internet searches typically and virtually impossible if you consult a phone book. The Ascendants TrueMatch system positions client attorneys in high-ranking locations with maximum visibility correctly matched to their potential customer's needs.
Medical Professions
The Ascendants TrueMatch system links people looking for solutions to their medical issues to our clients who have the solution in rapid fashion.

Ascendants Custom Internet Solutions

The following partial list represents an overview of client solutions Ascendants has delivered

Social Network Creation
We create marketable Social Networks for customers who want business traffic. We can create proprietary systems or leverage many of the current platforms.
Large Retail Shopping Chain Solutions
Coordination of numerous vendor, employee, and consultants to deliver data, design, and ecommerce solution.
Amusement Park Internal Web Structure
Established Facility Management Internet-enabled Asset Tracking Solution
Large City Government Ecommerce
Internet-Based Meter-Reading Solution Integration, Reporting, and Enhancements
Amusement Park Handheld POS Integration
Established POS solution using handheld devices
Ecommerce Solutions for National Finance Companies
Provided a complete suite of Ecommerce Solutions for Banks and larger financial companies
Automotive Industry ECommerce integration
Provided complete reporting and 3rd party financial interfaces in Auto Sales Industry
Virtual Transaction Center for Commercial Real Estate
Provided an online business for International Real Estate Commerce

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